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CREW President's Comments
December 2003 Issue


As I look at the end of 2003 nearing, I am astounded at what this organization has accomplished in such a transitional year, both for CREW and for the industry.  I think this year can be marked by listening…yes listening truly listening to our members in what they wanted out of their membership, to our sponsors on what they expected from our programs and our events and to our past and present leaders on what they dreamed for our CREW going forward. 

This year we listened and teamed and took our efforts to extraordinary levels.  We increased formal business networking at our luncheons, we offered networking events to our members as part of their benefits, we went “online” with the majority of our newsletters leveraging technology and reducing costs, We launched CREW’s first leadership development committee, we enhanced CREW’s public relations via a strategic relationship with the Dallas Business Journal, we committed long term to the Dallas Women’s Foundation and we increased the amount of money we raised for our beneficiaries by over 40%.   All of this in a rather challenging year.     

Numerous leaders within CREW made this possible.  Leadership is about passion, Leadership is about humility.  Leadership is about vision and about transforming the every day into a day of possibilities.  We have many talented leaders in CREW, from our co-chairs, to our chairs, to our directors and the executive committee.  We also have many committee members that have served on the board and many active past presidents.  All are playing a part in leading our organization into tomorrow and beyond.  With leadership comes responsibility, our responsibility, as CREW leaders are to help each other prosper…. to succeed ….to grow  

It only takes a moment to truly listen…to truly help another CREW member find an opportunity. .  It only takes a moment to give a CREW member an opportunity; for a job, to bid on an assignment, to invest in a partnership … it really only takes a moment to include a CREW person in the opportunities that we all have to give.

As you move into 2004 we hope you have gained new friendships and new business opportunities, we hope you have been stretched and motivated and most of all we hope you have had the opportunity to take the lead in listening to other members and helping them make a connection. 

You have all exceeded my expectations and shaped the changes that continually make CREW an exceptional organization.  I look forward to the many future achievements and opportunities that future CREW leaders will bring.  As with all great organizations there is no one leader that makes an organization.  There are a succession of great leaders that continue to move the organization and its core mission forward and upward to greatness. I am ever so grateful that you allowed me the opportunity to lead this magnificent group I am forever grateful.  Please feel free to contact me or email me at Lorraine@TeelInc.com 214-363-9184.


Lorraine Teel



2003 CREW Board


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